Victory Pub & Kitchen is the brand I enjoy working on the most at Village Urban Resorts. It's all about food and sport (which both rank pretty high on my interests) and it's a brand you can have some fun with. I like to use my existing football knowledge to help me write and create engaging and relevant copy and concepts.
Victory 7 Days placemat
Victory football countdown
£3 Burger Fridays poster
Puddings & Picnics poster
Victory t-shirts
Live sports poster
Christmas Drinks poster
Victory 7 Days crests
Victory Red Card poster
Victory Red Bull cocktail pitchers poster
Victory football flyer
Red Card poster
Froch Vs Groves poster
Rhythm & Blues cocktail pitcher web asset
Monster Mash Bash Facebook web asset
Silver Bull Mojito cocktail pitcher web asset
Victory Try Me challenges
Victory Monster Mash Bash poster
Victory football countdown poster