Metrolink Monsters


Unleashing the Metrolink Monsters to
highlight annoying behaviours on the tram

The challenge for this campaign was to raise awareness of negative behaviours – without directly accusing customers! We created the Metrolink Monster characters to personify both the good and bad behaviours including Vaping Vera, Foghorn Fred and Kind Kamal, rolling out the creative across social media and on posters across the tram network to spread the message. We created a microsite to host an interactive quiz and an animated game to encourage engagement and raise awareness online, while our branded merchandise; Sneezy Sally tissues, Sweet Pete Sweets and top-trumps-style playing cards given out at platforms were cheeky but educational.





Digital assets


Metrolink Monsters website desktop
Metrolink Monsters bus stop posters
Metrolink Monsters
Metrolink Monsters game
Metrolink Monsters sweets
Vaping Vera
Metrolink Monsters website iphone
Metrolink Monsters yellow eyes
Metrolink Monsters playing cards
Metrolink Monsters football fans

Work created while at Jam | Game built by Trunk