Robert Gillow

Helping this Lancaster pub take patrons
on a global journey of beer discovery

We worked with Hydes to reposition this Lancaster site as a haven of craft and world beer, attracting both students and ‘real ale lovers’ alike. Researching historical Lancastrian figures we discovered Robert Gillow, a man who voyaged to new worlds, later importing new goods such as mahogany, rum and sugar. Our concept centred around Gillow ‘trading in the unusual’, his exploration and travels. For the styling and language we took inspiration from historical documents, maps and items from the countries he visited as well as local Lanc phrases. We carefully considered the materials we used as we developed menus, launch materials and a Beer Passport loyalty scheme to encourage the spirit of discovery.







Robert Gillow drinks menu
Robert Gillow leather menu cover
Robert Gillow beer bottles
Robert Gillow poster
Robert Gillow invite
Robert Gillow food menu
Robert Gillow giveaway bag

Work created while at Jam